Sweet Home Baptist Church

Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church is the cornerstone of historic Clarksville and has been a part of the community since 1871 when the church was established by the freed slaves who were living in Clarksville. The church is located at 1725 West 11th, but early church services were held in the residence of Mary and Edmond Smith (in the home that is now known as the historic Haskell House and later in a home the couple owned on 11th Street across from where the church now stands.) Charles Clark, the Reverend Jacob Fontaine, Shelby Madison, Sally Madison, Peter Wade, Grant Woods, Ism Williamns, Grand Pa Brown, and Quinton Bolden were also instrumental in establishing Sweet Home. The church has been designated as a City of Austin Historic Landmark.

The Reverend Jacob Fontaine served as the very first Pastor of Sweet Home (or the Second Baptist Church as it was initially called). In addition, he began the first Black newspaper in Austin, the Gold Dollar, in his home.

The friendly and dynamic Reverend Steve Manning is the current pastor of Sweet Home. He invites anyone and everyone to attend Sweet Home's Sunday service, which begins at 11AM.

Here is a link to a news story about the 137th anniversary of the church: News 8 Austin